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Rockit is redesigning dance education.

Educating tomorrow's leaders, today.


Seeking a way to keep your child engaged in their secondary education whilst having the opportunity to study something they are passionate about? Rockit has developed new programs that keep your child positively engaged with their education whilst providing a comfortable pathway to gaining their SACE accreditation and ATAR.


Rockit provides studies in both SACE Dance, as well as VET Cert IV in Dance Teaching and Management (Cert IV DTM).

Students can earn SACE credits for enrolling into our programs:

SACE Stage 1 Dance = 20 stage 1 credits

SACE Stage 2 Dance = 20 stage 2 credits

Cert IV DTM = 95 SACE stage 2 credits

These programs are perfect for students seeking enough credits to gain their SACE Certification, as well as those aiming for an ATAR toward university entrance.

Schools Challenge Australia - Rockit - Photos by Jamois-55_5472x3648_5809119.jpg


This program has been written with the intention of teaching students the importance dance plays within our culture both in the form of education and storytelling, as well as improved wellbeing and positive mental health. Rockit is redesigning the way students understand how dance can play a part of our everyday lives focusing on the positive social impacts dance has on individuals and local communities.

SACE Stage 1 Dance

During the introductory year, students investigate dance practice and performance from specific cultures, historical periods or traditions to analyse the function of dance in context and how it is used to educate and celebrate human stories. Students have the opportunity to explore their own cultures resulting in the creation of independent choreographic works. In addition, students will hone their technical and performance skills creating a performance portfolio. This study helps students understand the impact dance has on communities, from a grass roots through to professional level.

SACE Stage 2 Dance

In the second year of the program, students begin to explore the professional performing arts industry looking at various employment opportunities and transferable skills. They commence research studies into the industry focusing on their area of interest whilst preparing a professional portfolio pertaining technical performance skills and independent choreography. The year is rounded out with the creation of their own short dance film allowing students an opportunity to express themselves or their own stories.

By the completion of the two year program, students will have a strong grasp on how they can use dance as a tool to help improve wellbeing and positive mental health, connect with local communities, express themselves and their ideas through movement and storytelling as well as understand the ups and downs of the professional industry. This knowledge will help them carve their own unique path into the future.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of three technical classes at Rockit to be eligible to enrol in SACE Dance.






CUA40320 - Creative Arts and Culture Training Package

Duration - 2 years

Rockit provides groundbreaking training in dance education. Currently leaders in their field for their inclusive practices that cover a range of education techniques for dancers with and without disabilities, this certification course aims at providing educational opportunities for the next generation of inclusive and technically driven teachers and studio managers. It is Miss Noni's goal to create the next generation of influential, respectful and creative leaders.

This course trains students with important skills to become teachers and leaders within an educational setting, as well as entrepreneurial skills to set up their own business. Students will be able to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse and evaluate information relating to the assessment of dance students.


Graduates of this course will gain qualifications for job roles such as dance teacher, special needs dance teacher, classroom assistant, assistant dance teacher, choreographer, program coordinator, curriculum writer, dance studio administrator/receptionist or studio manager.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of three technical classes at Rockit to be eligible to enrol in VET Cert IV DTM. Students require prior experience in dance. 

To receive a prospectus detailing the programs above,

please email our staff by clicking on the link below:

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