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We have enough classes at Rockit to do a different one every day of the week.

Why so many classes?

They have been designed for different personalities and different outcomes.

Choosing the right class truly depends on what you or your child want from the outcome.

Each class has a purpose both artistically and socially.


Read through the descriptions below and if you need further help,

don't hesitate to reach out to us.

“Thank you for your patience, persistence, love and care that you give to all your students. Keep on Rocking.”
Hazel, Rockit Mum

Are you ready to Rockit?


At Rockit we flip traditional Ballet on its head, taking a modern approach to classical education. Students study RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) technique, rehearsing and performing with modern music and concepts. Often called a Dancers Foundation, ballet teaches body control, balance, agility and core strength. Rockit’s ballet program is fantastic for developing focus, attention to detail, self-discipline, respect and appreciation.




Lyrical involves a high level of dance technique performed to a meaningful song (powerful lyrics). Lyrical teaches emotional expression and storytelling through movement. Movement is graceful with a hint of acrobatics.

Intermediate and Senior students are able to explore contemporary dance which is challenges the students to communicate feelings and stories without relying on lyric based music. It challenges the more mature dancer both physically and intellectually.

”Rockit has been a huge blessing. I've watched my daughter blossom and have a confidence in herself that was lacking for so long.
I feel like we've gained a second " family" with other families whose children attend and to the staff, especially you Noni.
The encouragement you've given in not only my daughter but in every single child that comes through your doors is beautiful.
You see the strengths in every one of them and help them be the best they can be”. K
 (Rockit Mum)


Hip Hop is a constantly evolving style of dance that is fresh, fierce and energetic. Fusing modern trends with traditional street styles, students gain strength coordination, stamina, flexibility and personal style.
Rockit’s hip hop program develops positive attitudes, courage, attention to detail and self-expression.



Jazz is a high-energy class, combining classical and modern commercial jazz technique. Jazz can be defined by moves suck as high kicks, turns and leaps. Teaching dancers about isolations of the body, musicality and expressive dynamic performance qualities. Rockit’s jazz has an empowered vision, teaching self-expression and confidence through the movement.




Tap includes foundations from all forms of dance, combining Broadway and Rhythm style techniques. A unique style where your movement produces sound, Tap is a great program for sensory seekers. Teaching rhythm, musicality, clarity of movement and dynamic performance technique. Rockit’s Tap program develops focus, control, self-expression and attention to detail.



ACROBATICS - Goal Setting

Acrobatics is a form of dance that involves gymnastics skills performed to music.


Students learn gymnastics moves such as handstands, cartwheels and walkovers. Acrobatic skills such as turns and leaps and tumbling skills such as back handsprings, aerials and forward and back tucks.

Safety is our prime concern and classes are structured based on individual student abilities.


Heels allows students to explore more grown up movement whilst still being supported in a safe environment. This program allows students to grow into empowered young individuals whilst still being protected in the original Rockit manner.


Students do not wear high heeled shoes, instead we have opted for a more modern version of sneaker wedges and boots.  

This program focuses on building a healthy attitude toward the manner in which students value themselves.


Dance Cheer combines jazz dance, acrobatics and lifts into a highly energetic performance with the all time fabulous pom poms.

Full of joy this program makes people smile. Dance Cheer focuses on gross motor skill development along with coordination and community spirit.



Broadway combines acting, singing and dance. In this program students will gain an understanding of the voice, its muscular system, developing skills for safe singing and voice projection skills, characterisation and emotional expression. Students discover themselves and have an opportunity to show off their unique talent which builds pride and self-confidence. This program is so much more than teaching a student how to sing or act. Rockit’s Musical Theatre program builds resilience, self-expression and determination.


Are you ready

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