At Rockit, we are inclusive of people with disabilities.


Our classes are designed to provide opportunities to welcome a diverse group of people into our studio.



Currently, we work with students who have severe anxiety, autism, aspergers, tourettes, hearing issues, mutism, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, ADD, depression, dyslexia, low muscle tone, sensory disorder, Kabuki syndrome, kawasaki disorder, speech disorder and chromosomal disorder.



If you have a child with a disability or behavioural issues, and you want to get involved, please speak with the Studio Director or Studio Manager. A friendly conversation will help guide you to the most suitable class. Please do not come to class before speaking with our staff. Our teachers are not able to offer their best services if we are unaware of the conditions.

H O W  Y O U  C A N  G E T  I N V O L V E D

M I N I  P R O G R A M (Ages 3 to 4 years)

Our Pockit Rockit program, although perfect for mainstream children, was designed specifically in response to the Directors own early intervention work undertaken with her autistic children.


It includes important learning skills such as listening to and learning how to follow instructions, participating in group situations and social skill development.


It also includes physical exercises developed by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.


This important content also flows into our Mini Cheer and Mini Ballet programs, but Pockit Rockit is the best start for children with disabilities.

M A I N S T R E A M 
P R O G R A M (Ages 5+)


Many of our mainstream classes are suitable for children who are high functioning. This needs to be discussed with the studio Director before a child enters a  class so we can assist you to find the best fit for your child.

"I actually felt overwhelmed coming into your studio, as this is the first group

we have been to where we felt totally welcome, supported and not judged.

Thank you! So if you see me having a tear, don't mind me, I'm just having a thankful moment.

Thanks Noni for opening your doors to families like ours - you're amazing!"

Ange (Rockit Mum)

D I V E R S I T Y  D A N C E  C O M P A N Y

A unique and truly inspiring dance company comprised of young people aged 11+ with and without disabilities.

"This concept is so intelligent" Tania Robin, Follow Your Dreams Adjudicator


This company meets weekly to express their feelings through dance (fabulous for those who struggle to express feelings through words). Performance pieces focus on matters relating to the dancers daily lives.


Students are selected to join this company, so please speak with the Director if you are interested. It is also suitable and meaningful for siblings.

Our diverse performers are courageous

and gain respect from the Rockit community.

L A U N C H  P A D



Launch Pad has been designed for students who require a carer present. They come to class with their carers, sibling or family.


These classes take what becomes repetitive therapy and turns it into highly creative, energetic and fun dance classes.


This class uses exercises developed by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Behaviour Management Experts.


We also have incredible therapy "fun" equipment such as sensory swings, air track, wedges, tumbling mats and other sensory props.


Watch Diversity Dance Company perform with our Adult Dance Performance Troupe.

This piece is called "Say Something". It was a 4 month project encouraging members to talk about mental health and the effects it can have on individuals, families and the community.

Read an excerpt from National Child's Magazine discussing Rockits all inclusive classes.

"I am so glad that my girls will grow up aware and more importantly,

accepting of people with disabilities because of what you do.

In my pre-children jobs I worked with children with disabilities

and it is so important to be inclusive and understanding".

Nikki (Rockit Mum)

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98% of our families state seeing positive changes in their children once commencing classes. 

98%  also state the social justice messages have an important impact on them.

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