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Ages 17 to 26 years

Performance fills a passion in ones heart that the majority wish to maintain a connection with once school age studies are completed.  Our youth programs are designed specifically so young people can balance training with study or work commitments. It provides an opportunity for them to remain connected to their passions whilst focusing hard on their future.


Students attend one class per week that combines ballet, lyrical and contemporary. The Youth Dance Company perform at every major Rockit Event as well as community events.

Previous experience in ballet, lyrical, contemporary or acrobatics is a necessity.





Heels allows students to explore more mature movement whilst still being supported in a safe environment. This program allows students to grow into empowered young individuals whilst still being protected in the original Rockit manner.


Students wear sneaker wedges or rubber heeled boots.  

This program focuses on building a healthy attitude toward the manner in which students value themselves.

This team performs in every major Rockit Production and some community events.


”Rockit helped me gain a purpose, a sense of belonging and a passion. Dance became somewhere I could be myself, be proud and enjoy the relationship between music and movement. Throughout my time at Rockit I have grown and developed in ways I never imagined were possible and gained friendships I never knew would form. The Rockit community have become a second family forever supporting each other and accepting each others differences. My journey at Rockit will be one I will never forget. Forever holding onto the fond memories I have made and taking confidence and lifelong skills into my adulthood”.

Ellie (Rockit Fuel Student)


Are you ready to Rockit?

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