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Why should the kids have all the fun?


Get involved at Rockit and enjoy some time and focus for yourself.

Dance classes offer training in the graceful movements of dancers, but this is not all. When stepping into a dance class you will also find exercises designed to train your mind, body and memory. Dance offers freedom and liberation, something all of our spirits need. Dance builds a deeper awareness of how we move, and how we can care for our bodies.  Rockit's adult dance classes are an opportunity for healing, offering time to focus on oneself as well as building social connections.

"The culture at Rockit is amazing. It gives empowerment to all, inclusive. Wellbeing is at the heart of all you do. I just love the relationship staff have with students. The atmosphere, culture and relationships are so different to the dance classes I went to as a child. I wish I went to Rockit 40 years ago".

Elise (student and parent)



Our Adult Contemporary classes are perfect for beginners as well as those who have danced in the past. These classes have been designed with the focus of ‘me time’ with many of us leading hectic and busy lives.


Contemporary dance teaches emotional expression and storytelling through movement. Rockit’s Contemporary class incorporates artistry through self-expression and musicality.


This is a wonderful program where you can find new friends and a supportive community.

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This class is designed for both the novice dancer, and those who took class when they were a child. Ballet is the perfect class for centering yourself and bringing focus to your own development.

Take time out of your busy day, and devote a moment to yourself.

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Are you ready

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