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DONATIONS - We are moving into new incredible premises in November 2019. We are reaching out to the community seeking donations to help us add finishing touches including chairs for the foyer, new stereos, seating for the dressing room, lockers and acrobatic equipment. We want to make this studio an amazing place for our community to learn and hang out. If you are willing to make a donation $10 and above, we will list your name on our website. 


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SPORTS VOUCHERS - if you would like to use your primary school sports voucher toward fees, please click on the link below and follow the instructions.  Enrolment will be completed by our book keeper.

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If you're worried about what your kids are watching on Youtube, why not get them to watch the Rockit Recommends channel? Over 200 videos we personally recommend your kids watch. Check out some of the most innovative dance, drama and musical theatre videos we have discovered from around the world. It makes watching Youtube educational as opposed to time wasting.

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What we do is not rocket science. It's Rockit science.

98% of our families state seeing positive changes in their children once commencing classes. 

98%  also state the social justice messages have an important impact on them.

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2/2 Hampden Rd, Mount Barker, SA


Masonic Hall, Hutchinson St, Mount Barker, SA