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Performing arts education utilising
DANCE as a tool to improve the health and wellbeing of
our local community whilst creati
ng social impact.
Rockit = Respect

Rockit intertwines social skill development and preventative mental health techniques into our classroom curriculum. The outcome is not only the creation of highly skilled performers but well-rounded individuals who know their self-worth.
We are in the business of creating uni
que individuals with the courage and determination to help make this community awesome.

"Rockit serves as more than a dance studio. It is a connective thread that weaves the community together through celebration of unique abilities". Mandy, Rockit Parent
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We Are Artists

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Whether you're a beginner or more advanced student, we have a variety of classes where you can develop your skills and build new friendships.
Classes range from recreational to advanced.

Our programs are designed by professional dancers, choreographers, actors and gymnasts in collaboration with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and behaviour management experts. 

Our work is backed by our Social Justice Advisory Board who bring experience in the area of psychology, nursing, community inclusion, law, politics, complex special needs care and education.

What we do is not rocket science.

It's ROCKIT science.

98% of our families state seeing
POSITIVE CHANGES in their children
once commencing classes. 


98% also state the social justice messages have an
important impact on them.

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R   Respect of oneself, your teacher, our community and the art form.

I     Inclusion – find your home in our highly inclusive community.


O  Opportunity - new opportunities for experiences and building friendships.

C  Compassion – discover teachers who are compassionate about education.

K  Knowledge – diverse knowledge base amongst the highly skilled teachers.

T    Technique – learn from technical experts where safety comes first.



"For our children to feel so accepted and loved is heartwarming for us. You can see how they shine and know they have the power to hold their heads high event when they are having the worst week."

Kris, Rockit Mum



"Since arriving in the Adelaide Hills from France some months ago, I have had the pleasure and privilege of training in, creating work in, and performing in the incredible studios at Rockit Performing Arts. These studios are amongst some of the best in the world and I feel immense gratitude to Noni and the entire Rockit Performing Arts community for this resource and the opportunity that these studios represent to artists here in Australia." 


Pascal Marty (Göteborgs Operans Danskompani)


"This school is everything I wished for myself as a child.It took me 3 different dance schools until I found Rockit and Miss Noni. My daughter has thrived in Rockit's environment. Safe, fun, caring, positive and a strong emphasis on self esteem and body image.Everything a young girl needs. As a mother I have always felt welcome. When life gets hard, Rockit are there to support my girl and sometimes myself. Thankyou Rockit. Forever in your debt".

Nadine, Rockit Mum

"You and your staff are so wonderful and what you have created the yearswill create a generation of caring people with empathy towards everyone in the community"

Kathy (Rockit Mum)


“At Rockit I have learnt that it is okay to be different. I have become more confident in myself while being at Rockit. Everyone at Rockit is like a family to me and I don’t know what I would do without them.
The teachers at Rockit are amazing, friendly and caring.
My dancing has definitely improved and grown. I’m so happy I found out about Rockit. Rockit has definitely changed my life for the better”.

Courtney, Rockit Student

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