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A dance battle hosted for Rockit students of all ages,

where they can show their best moves on the dance floor 

and battle it out to see how will be crowned,

"Top of the Tribe"


Every year we host a positive dance battle where each of our students (and their family members) have the chance to perform and have their moment to shine.




Students enter in teams of two. Standing either side of the dance floor, a competitor from team 1enters first. They have 30 seconds on the floor to show off their best performance. Once completed, a competitor from team 2 has their moment on the floor. Like a continuing conversation, the second member from team 1 takes the floor, with a response performance from the second member of team two. Once all four competitors have been on the floor, eyes turn to the three judges who then decide which team had the most entertaining, technical and impressive performance. This is a nail biting moment with some truly incredible results.



The dance battle is open to all Rockit students and their family members (yes folks, the parents and grandparents have been entering too!).



I just wanted to say thank you for last night. It was such a great night. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed watching all the older dancers. I took my 6 year old son as well last night and now he is very keen to start break dancing lessons next term.
Thank you for creating such a positive environment for all the kids. It was fantastic to see. Cheers Kim, Rockit Mum


This is a very positive environment where everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves by taking that leap of faith and showing everyone what they can do. Their performances are met with ecstatic cheers and pats on the back and students openly support each other.


This is an incredible Rockit community event that should not be missed.

The aim of this battle is to provide an environment

where everyone has a chance to shine.



Many of our students are caught up in the majesty of our 'KING OF THE HILL' battle where we invite professional breakers and street dancers into the studio to battle it out for prize money and the  coveted title. Most are not ready to battle against the adults and need a supportive environment where they can learn to take their first steps into this world.

Top of the Tribe was created to provide an avenue for our students to explore their creativity, experience a battle and learn the ropes in a supportive and encouraging setting. It has also opened avenues for students who don't study breakdance or hip hop to participate.  This allows our ballet dancers, lyrical dancers, acrobats and cheerleaders an opportunity to participate.

P O S I T I V E 

R O L E 


It is truly wonderful watching the senior students standing behind the juniors, supporting them from the sidelines as they take to the floor. They themselves have experienced nerves of first time participation, and are now wanting to be just like their mentor, who stood behind supporting each of them at their early battles.

Miss Noni, Director, Rockit Performing Arts


- This dance battle allows each student to have their moment on the dance floor, where everyone's eyes are solely on them.

- This is an incredible opportunity for students to build self-esteem and value as their are cheered on by their peers.

- It is a unique way for students to learn how to manage and cope with nerves and anxiety.

- It is a powerful way to teach students how to use resilience if they are knocked out, or humility if they move on to the next round.


- Keep an eye out for the date of the next battle and book it into your diary.

- Encourage your child to participate or come along and watch.

- Help your child by encouraging them to practice at home.

- Come along on the night with a big cheering voice!


- We would love the support of local businesses in the donation of small gift certificates that can be handed to the students as prizes. This makes them feel really special.

If you are interested in supporting this event, please contact the Director, Noni Vassos.


2K19 Battle

Winners: M&M Midget Men (Josh and Harry)

Runners Up: Tahnee and Emily

2K18 Battle

Winners: Sam and Luka

Runners Up: Ellie and Tahnee

2K17 Battle

Winners: Fish n Chips (JT and Courtney)

Runners Up: Amali and Brooke

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