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Rockit opens its doors to family and friends 

to come into our classrooms and watch a class demonstration.

Twice per year, Rockit hosts ‘Open Week’. This takes place at the end of term 1 and term 3. We encourage students family and friends to attend and learn how our classes are run.


As parents don’t get the chance to sit in the classroom and watch class on a weekly basis, we open the studio doors and welcome everyone inside. During this time, you will have a chance to see what happens during class.

Teachers will demonstrate the various exercises students perform each week and explain the purpose for them. There will also be a short demonstration of a performance routine they have been working on.

"Rockit is my second home. It is a place where I can feel welcomed, included and loved. I can be myself there".
Angela, Rockit Student

Open Week provides a chance for family members to get into our studio and learn how our lessons are run.

Get involved with a positive community

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