2020 Date:


Rockit Studio, Unit 1, 2 Hampden Rd, Mount Barker



This is Rockit's annual major youth event supported by the Mount Barker District Council.


A youth dance battle welcoming the states leading street dancers and role models

into our studio to inspire our young people.


Special Guest Judge and Workshop Host TBC



3:00pm - Advanced Breaker workshop 

4:00pm - Rookie Breaker workshop



5:00pm start



Gold coin donation at the door

for workshop and battle


Sponsored by:

2019 Special Guest, Workshop Host and Judge - Ma Moose

Ma Moose has won numerous competitions many of which are listed below and are some of the highest level competitions in Australian and New Caledonian history.

Shadow Wars Vol.1
Super Roundbox.
Battle City
Evolution Aus Qualifier 2x Winner.
QLD B-boy Champ
Platform Battle -3 x winner.
City Wars
The Steady Rockin Award -
Survival of the Strongest 7to Smoke. Vol 1&3
Battle of the Year – 1v1 New Caledonia
Mortal Kombreak Vol.5
Yoyo jam 2v2
Bonny and Clyde
KO Krew Anniversary
Halloween battle
Real Art Jam
Lucky Break 2013
R16 Best Bboy Award
Team Cream Anniversary
Park Jam
Street Smart
R16 4v4
Fired Up Battle 
Rap Dance Battle
Nice Fest.
I can I will Battle
Street Groove
Freestyle Session Australia 
Kulture Jam Underground


Dancers trained in breakdance, krumping, waacking, popping, locking and hip hop come to our studio to compete for the title, respect and prize money.


This style of competition is very different to traditional dance competitions. Within this community, the emphasis of these competitions is for dancers to come together and gain respect from one another.


The essence of breakdance is quite different to many other styles of dance. Students learn the basic repertoire and how different moves connect together. From there, it is up to the individual dancer to create a style of dance best suited to their personality and skill (just like a brand). Each dancer gets to express themselves in a completely unique way. This promotes creative thinking, self discipline and respect. During a battle the intention is to gain respect for the work you have created. Many of these dancers watch and respect multiple styles of dance and then use those styles as an influence on their own work.


Dancers from around Adelaide and interstate meet together in our studio to cypher and compete. The energy is electric.


It is also important to note, in this community, drugs and alcohol are not permitted at battles and are frowned upon and not permitted.

During battles the intention

is to gain respect from your peers.



Director Noni Vassos undertook a lot of research into the break dance community before introducing it to Rockit.


Many people think it has negative connotations, but it couldn't be further than the truth.


This style of dance is an incredible way for young people to be positively involved in a physical activity that promotes humility, inclusion, respect and learning.


It also sees one generation proudly handing down a skill set to the next creating positive role models.

During the years Rockit has run its breakdance program and hosted King of the Hill, we have seen incredible transformations in our young students. Many have found positive role models to whom they look up to. Each year they see these role models compete and each one highlights what can be achieved when you are focused and work hard to achieve something.

This event is full of opportunities for younger dancers to be inspired and encouraged by the older dancers who are keen to see them develop. There is nothing better than seeing one of the older more professional dancers tao a younger one on the back and comment on how well they are doing. The smiles we see on our younger dancers faces are magic.

P O S I T I V E 

R O L E 


It was just a sea of humans loving other humans with… as you say…no drugs!!


I feel like buying real estate in Mount Barker right now, as I think you are helping it to be a really cruisy place in ten and twenty and thirty years time. 

Lyndal, Rockit Mum


-- It is an important opportunity for young people to express themselves.

- It is a unique way for young people to meet incredible role models who will inspire them to work hard and follow their dreams.

- It brings our community members together for a day of celebration and pride.

- It breaks down stereotypes

- Competitors build new self-esteem and goals


- Come along as an audience member to help cheer the competitors on.

- Bring a group of friends to hang out for the night.

- Sponsor the event


- We welcome sponsorship from local businesses to help support the costs to cover expenses to bring renowned interates artists to Adelaide (including flights and accommodation).

- You can support the event by providing a gift, product or cash as the winning prize.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the Director, Noni Vassos.



2K19 Battle

Guest Judge: Ma Moose

Judges: Moon, 

DJ: Dreaded (Kings Only)




2K18 Battle

MC: Bboy Jedi

Judges: Bboy Yogi, Moon and Penny.

DJ: Dreaded

Winning Team: Hulk Smash


2K17 Battle

Guest Judge: Locking Nai

Judges: Melski Mel (Cutlass Creative, Fresh Fools and Nokturnal), Locking Nai (Riddim Nation\PirateX), Moon (Freak Elites, The Bronx Boys, D.RB, beastmode & creator of freaksEVO & DMNDZ).

Mc: Jedi (Skill@Will)

DJ: Dreaded (Kings Only)
Winning Crew: Nico & Dai (Very Nice)

Runners Up: Jasmine & Tito (Freak Squad)


2K16 Battle

Guest Judge: Bboy Monsta (Raw, Team Cream, Common Ground, Swagamama)

Judges:  ElJefe (Freak Elites & Dr. Boogie), Penelope Shum (The Soul Council).

Mc: Jedi (Skill@Will)
DJ: Dreaded (Kings Only)
Winning Crew: Alex, Tito, Naughty boi, Patrix and Zack


2K15 Battle

Judges:  ElJefe (Freak Elites & Dr. Boogie), MR Tips AKA Baby Kaos (Freak Elites Crew, KAOS Fam, Adelaide Krump Alliance, Buck Validation and Collision Course 2) 

Mc: Jedi (Skill@Will)
DJ: Dreaded (Kings Only)
Winning Crew:

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