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Sensory Garden

We are currently raising funds to help with the installation of a sensory garden outside the Rockit studio.

Why do we need a Sensory Garden?

Rockit works with a large number of students at the studio with disabilities and mental health conditions. These numbers account for approximately 30% of our students.

We would like to create a sensory garden at the front of our premises to help students calm themselves before or after class. The garden will promote sensory stimulation through a variety of different plants that vary in texture and smell and it will be a place where they can play and make new friends. In addition, it will be a social environment where parents can chat, share ideas and support one another.

Government Covid regulations have been tougher on dance studios, and our community are itching to find ways to connect again. An outdoor social space that brings together people with and without disabilities is the perfect opportunity for Rockit to expand upon our wellbeing programs and create something outside our core business opportunities.

Rockit will work in partnership with Native Habit who will create the garden.

Native Habit are gaining recognition for their inclusive sensory gardens which have been installed at schools and kindergartens across Adelaide.

How can you help? We are asking for donations starting at $5.


Please click on the link below to donate and help support Rockit create this amazing opportunity for our community.

Native Habit Sensory Garden Design.JPG