M I N I  P R O G R A M

Ages 3 to 4 years

Rockit are specialists in pre-school education.

Rockit's Mini Program engages our tiny community to find their place in this world through dance, drama and singing. We have three different classes to suit varying personality types.

All of our classes include exercises developed in consultation with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Behaviour Management therapists to help our younglings develop both physically and emotionally.

Whilst studying dance, drama and singing our Minis also learn about respect, following instructions, inclusion, turn taking, self-expression and tips on how to make friends.​​

P O C K I T   R O C K I T S

The intention of this program is to help young children understand who they are and how they can get along with others.


Each week they explore different elements of their world. Through dance, drama and singing children learn social skills, creative thinking and problem solving. 


Each term is themed and we use dance routines, drama exercises and singing to explore the concepts of the theme we are studying.

This is not just a regular dance class where kids bop to music. This is a carefully planned performance class that encompasses both the physical, social and emotional development of a young child.​

“The journey we have been on with Rockit has brought so much confidence,
fun and friendship.
For that we thank you so much.”
Jaeger family

M I N I   B A L L E T

Rockit takes quite a modern approach to ballet.


Our ballet dancers are taught to be expressive and seek passion in their movement. It is about coming alive, twirling to grand music and feeling free.


Our classes are the opposite of traditional ballet schools as we don't want our younglings to loose their creativity and freedom.


With original unique exercises, we introduce children to ballet. These exercises have a whimsical and creative nature to ensure we keep little ones minds engaged and challenged.

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At Rockit we lead by
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What we do is not rocket science. It's Rockit science.

98% of our families state seeing positive changes in their children once commencing classes. 

98%  also state the social justice messages have an important impact on them.

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