Rockit Employee Contract

Your contract is a binding agreement with Rockit Performing Arts. It outlines your roles and responsibilities as an employee with Rockit Performing Arts.


What you should do with your contract?

Step 1: Read your contract and speak to the Director if you have any questions. Make a time to talk with the Director to run through your obligation's to ensure you understand your role and responsibilities. To book a time with the Director, click on the link below and send an email.

Step 2: When you are happy with your contract, sign both copies. Return one copy to Noni and keep the other for yourself.

Step 3: Fill in the Tax Declaration Form and Superannuation forms. In order to be paid by Rockit, we must have your Tax File Number written on your completed Tax Declaration Form. If there are questions on the form you cannot answer speak to the Finance Manager or Noni. For those who are new to the employment industry, please remember the government will take tax from your hourly wage.


Step 4: Fiill in the Superannuation form. You can elect your own superannuation fund, if you already have one. If you do not have a superannuation fund, Rockit will contribute your super to Statewide Super.

Create yourself a super future - Statewide Super

Step 5: Fill in your Staff Information File so we have your contact details as well as emergency contact details.

Step 6: As part of your employment, you must provide the following certifications:

- Mandatory Reporting (Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect). You can complete the online Fundamental program within 2 hours. Click on the button below to start the course.

- First Aid Certificate (we recommend the 1 day training program with First Aid Pro).

- Working With Children Check (Noni can start the application on your behalf if you do not already have one - click on the black button below to email her so she can start the process). The cost is approximately $190 and it will last you 3 years.

Step 6: Return the following items to Noni:

- one copy of your signed contract,

- the completed Tax Declaration Form,

- the completed Superannuation Form

- the completed Staff Information Form

- your Mandatory Reporting Foundations certificate,

- your First Aid certificate, and

- your Working With Children Check certificate.

The Contract