Tutorials - Hip Hop

Reference videos for staff to use when teaching technical skills at the studio.

Foundations and Drills

Foundations to use in class

Social Dances

Foot Work

Foot Work

Hip Hop Moves

Choreographic Inspiration

Floorwork Transitions

Trace and Threading - joining movements together

House Dance Moves



Traces, Triggers, Transfers, Threads

Adding Cadence to your choreography

Power poses in hip hop dance

Adding contrast to a routine to ensure it isn't boring!!!

Clean dance transitions - watch how this group moves through so many different positions, heights, formations. A perfect example of how to transition (move) dancers around the stage. This is critical for creating an interesting piece of choreography.

Tutting - this is a highly effective choreographic tool. Its looks amazing on stage when an entire troupe is performing together. It requires a lot of drilling and precision.

Locking - a technique where the dancers moves fast to a position, freezes briefly, then moves to the next position with speed. You need loose hips and legs, but sharp arms, hands and shoulders.

Shuffle - don't forget your footwork. These moves help you transition to new positions and add dimension to your choreography.

Example of how to move students on and off the stage during a routine without any stops.