Opening or Closing the Studio


If you are in charge of opening the studio please follow the procedures below:

- If the weather is nice, hold the front door open with the black plant pot. If the weather is not nice, keep the front door closed.

- Turn on all of the lights (main switchboard right beside front door, the secret corridor switch hiding behind the red curtain leading into Studio 3, plus Studio 2/3 lights on the wall inside the studio directly behind the secret corridor switch.

- Saturday front desk and concierge staff are to ensure there are chairs outside for parents to sit on. 

- If you are teaching the first class, you may want to grab the sanitary mop and wipe down the studio floors. This is helps prevent you from catching bugs from the students.

- Ensure you have your class roll and any teaching notes you require for class.

- Check you have your adaptor so you can plug your mobile phone into the stereo.

- Do a safety check of the room. Ensure there is no water or items on the floor students can slip on. Remove any large objects that will be in the way of class.

- Have a bottle of water ready or make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before class.

- Grab any props you may need before class starts.


- Check the rooms are safe from objects that could cause accident such as water spills, props, equipment etc.

- Close any roller doors that were opened.

- Collect any loose clothing or shoes and drop into the lost property basket.

- Turn off the power points leading to the stereos.

- Call out loud and check to see if there are any students still in the building before you lock up. Some take their time changing in the bathroom or dressing room.

- Check the bathroom and dressing room lights are off.

- Turn off the corridor lights at the secret switch behind the red curtains leading into Studio 3.

- Turn off Studio 2/3 lights on the wall inside the studio directly behind the secret corridor switch.

- Turn off the main lights at the entrance.

- Lock the door and exit (double check door is locked).

- Whilst heading into the carpark, double check all 3 roller doors are down (sometimes roller door 1 has been left open).