Rockit Performing Arts


We host a variety of events at the studio for community to get involved. Check them out.


Mid Year Performance

Each year toward the end of Term 2, we host a mid year performance celebrating everything students have learnt in the first half of the year. This is an energetic performance where everyone is trying something new.

End of Year Performance

This is the big performance everyone awaits with anticipation. During the 6 month lead up to the show, we focus on an important social justice matter educating our students on issues that help improve their wellbeing and connection to community. These important lessons are then weaved into their performance.

Cadet Ballet.jpg

Workshops with Industry Professionals

We believe it is important for our students to meet, talk and learn from industry professionals. Each year we have a number of guests coming to the studio to share stories of their life as well as leading workshops for students to participate in.
Some of these guests have included:

Rejane Linford-Garcia (Dance Alive UK), Marnie Josefine Fiebig (WAAPA), Liesl Bourke (TUI Cruises Germany), Jorja Warburton (Dynamite QLD), Brooklyn Thornhill (Footings QLD), Penelope Shum (Soul Council SA), Jasmine Lynch (Independent Kpop Artist SA), Bboy Dreaded (Kings Only SA), Sarah Wilson (Lewis Major and Co), Melski Mel (original Adelaide Bgirl), Bboy Ma Moose (QLD), Locking Nai (NSW), Bboy Monsta (QLD), Stefaan Morrow (Lewis Major and Co), Melski Mel (Adelaide original Bgirl), Jazz Hriskin (Independent Dance Artist SA) and David Booth (Aboriginal Artist SA).

Meet and Greets

Along with workshops, we also run important meet and greets. These opportunities allow our students to meet people who have successfully achieved outstanding goals in the performing arts industry. These meet and greets serve as as a reminder to our students, that with hard work, you can achieve amazing things. Some of our guests have included: the Rybka Twins (WA), the Dream Team (QLD), Candy Apples (“Dance Moms” USA), Josef Brown (Sydney Dance Company, “Neighbours’ Television Show and MDM), Liesl Bourke (TUI Cruises Germany), Jennifer Barry (founding member of Australian Dance Theatre), Yolande Brown (Bangarra Dance Theatre).

rybka twins with charlotte.jpg
ROCKIT KOTH 200517-7 luka chittleborough

Dance Battles

Throughout the year students are able to participate in exciting dance battles. These include King of the Hill and Top of the Tribe. These events help students step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. They are also important moments allowing young people to hang out together and express themselves as individuals.

Mount Barker
Christmas Pageant

We are big fans of the annual Mount Barker Christmas pageant, and march every year as the Rockit Reindeers. Look out for our gigantic truck carrying all our tiny reindeers as the older students lead the way on foot. This is such a fun community event which everyone loves to get involved in.

adv acro 2020 ellie.jpg

Open Week

At the end of Term 1 and Term 3, we invite family and friends into the studio to come and watch students in class. This is a wonderful way for students to show their families what they have been learning, and proudly show off their new skills.


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