First Aid

It is important that you are aware of First Aid procedures in the studio.

Step 1: Make sure you know where the first aid kits are kept. There is one in each studio near the cupboards where the stereo is kept. If you notice supplies are low, please let Noni know. The first aid kits will contain your basics like band aids, bandages and ice packs, but they also contain slings and other necessary items.

Step 2: We try to keep additional ice packs in the freezer section of the fridge in the kitchen. Please return these ice packs after use.

Step 3: If a student is injured, check in to see what has happened. If it is a smaller injury requiring something simple like a band aid, ask students to continue practicing a safe exercise whilst you administer the bandaid.

If the student requires an ice pack, administer one of the instant ice packs you find in the first aid kits. Ask them to sit at the front of the class with the injured limb raised (lean it on a block, mat or chair). 

Follow your first aid training procedures.

Step 3: If the injury requires an ice pack, please fill in the injury form that is in your staff folder. Photograph the form. Post one copy on the Rockit Staff Facebook page so Noni can see, and give the form to the parent.

Step 4: Parents should be called to collect children if the injury is more serious such as a torn muscle, broken bone, dislocated limb etc. If this is the case, you can ask Noni to call the parent. Call her immediately with the information she needs to know so she can call the parent.

Step 4: If the injury is serious, please phone for an ambulance on 000. The studio address is Unit 1, 2 Hampden Rd, Mount Barker.

NOTE: When injuries happen, no matter how small or serious, the teacher should remain calm at all times. This helps keep the students calm.